Reduce Taxes - Promote Job Creation

Maryland consistently ranks as one of the worst states for taxes in the U.S.  This is a problem for several reasons.  When businesses are created or looking to relocate, Maryland becomes less competitive than other states.  An example of this wou...

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Stand Up for the 2nd Amendment

Maryland has some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S.  An example of this is the “Shall Issue” when it comes to the right to carry.  Maryland is one of only 8 states that are listed as “May Issue” state verses, a “Shall Issue” or “Unrestricted”...

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Protect Maryland from “Sanctuary State” Laws

Last year, the General Assembly proposed turning Maryland into a "Sanctuary State" by limited how local law enforcement could cooperate with federal immigration authorties.  These actions by liberal lawmakers in Annapolis threaton the safety of o...

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Fight the Opioid Crisis

Earlier this year, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan declared a State of Emergency for the Opioid Crisis.  Now, President Donald Trump has declared the Opioid Crisis a public health emergency.  In Maryland, Heroin deaths are rising sharply and with n...

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Protect Our Farms and Agriculture

Frederick County is home to over 1,300 farms covering 181,500 acres.  Both Frederick and Carroll Counties are mostly rural, beautiful communities filled with National and State Parks, mountains, rivers, streams and pastures.  Frederick County far...

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Support Our Veterans

Growing up in a Military family, I have great respect for the sacrifices of our Veterans.  Maryland is home to 480,000 Veterans and I believe we should do everything we can to assist them in transitioning into civilian life.  Veteran homelessness...

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